Ross Muir guilty of raping child jailed for 8 years

Ross Muir guilty of raping child jailed for 8 years

A man responsible for the rape of a child has been jailed for eight years today


Ross Muir (36) was found guilty, at the High Court in Edinburgh in March, of raping an 11-year-old girl


The incident happened in the west of Edinburgh on 11th October 2015 in Muir’s car after he had communicated with his intended victim via social media on her mobile telephone.


Detective Chief Inspector Martin MacLean of Edinburgh’s Public Protection Unit said:


“This was a significant and serious case where an older man used social media to pretend to be someone he was not and lure his victim out of the safety of her home.


“He made out he was the same age as his victim to take advantage of her youth and innocence and subject her to a harrowing ordeal, the effects of which are likely to be borne by her for the rest of her life.


“I would once again like to commend her courage in coming forward and in giving evidence against Muir which helped to secure his conviction.


“This was a painstaking investigation which secured damning forensic evidence against Muir and highlights the dangers present with modern communications technology.


“Parents need to be aware of how their children are using the internet, their mobile phones and other devices. I would encourage them to be as intrusive as necessary to ensure what their children are doing is safe.


“Police Scotland is committed to tackling all instances of rape and sexual assault and continues to work with our partners, including the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, to bring offenders to justice.”


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