BREAKING: Emergency services attend collision on Ferry Road

BREAKING: Emergency services attend collision on Ferry Road

Emergency services attended a collision earlier tonight involving a motorbike and a child on Ferry Road.

It’s understood that the driver and pillion passenger both made off following the collision.

A police helicopter was seen hovering above the collision, which occurred outside Drylaw Police Station.


Locals took to social media to complain about the amount of joyriders that have plagued the area over recent months.

The road remains closed on both directions.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said “Police Scotland are appealing for information after an eight-year-old boy was struck by a motorbike which failed to stop at 18:35 on Saturday 19 August on Ferry Road.

“The boy was taken by ambulance to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children of Edinburgh with serious leg and hip injuries.

“Information at this time indicates that a number of motorcyclists were seen in the area driving in what can only be described as a dangerous manner.”

Photos: Alan Simpson

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4 Responses to "BREAKING: Emergency services attend collision on Ferry Road"

  1. Was only a matter of time before a child was hit, as there has even been a few deaths all down to these joyriders and the police have done nothing, its neen going on for too long but still nothing is done, and if police dont have the power then team up sign petitions do what ever it takes to stop these houligans who are getting away with murder and will only progress into other crimes !

  2. Motorcyclists ? You mean theifs we all know who they are it’s the same gang of youth offenders day in day out and the police are impotent to stop them no doubt the bike is stolen and the offenders will be on first name terms with the little wrong one that killed the nurse a while back in the stolen car

  3. To update you with correct information, the “Motorcyclists” are thieving scumbags with NO license so please do not call them Motorcyclists. They are an abomination to society. They brag about their latest steal, they leave true “Motorcyclists” out if pocket of thousands and they cause danger and harm to all law abiding citizens. They need to be dealt with now. Police Scotland need to stop taking the softly, softly approach and just get them before they kill.

  4. Wishing the young person a rapid recovery and my thoughts are with his family.

    Irresponsible use and riding of motorbikes and scooters in North Edinburgh is a major issue. If you are taking part in this activity, please stop before somebody gets killed. If things carry on as they are, a death is only a matter of time.
    If you were involved in today’s incident, please do the right thing and turn yourself in to the police.


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