Police urge festival revellers to drink responsibly

Police urge festival revellers to drink responsibly

Police in Edinburgh are urging the public to drink responsibly and keep themselves safe during the Festival.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors are already joining local residents in visiting the city’s numerous pubs and clubs, with many of these venues operating with extended licenses.

Additional officers are out on regular patrols within the city-centre to deter alcohol-related offences and provided any relevant assistance to members of the public.

Licensing Officers have also been liaising with staff and management at licensed premises to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the appropriate sale of alcohol to customers.

Further visits to sites selling alcohol will continue throughout the duration of the Festival and any offences detected will be reported to the Licensing Board.

Since 2014, the ‘Think Twice’ campaign has been running in Edinburgh and this initiative ensures that anyone charged with an alcohol-related offence, will be given special bail conditions crime barring them from licensed venues in the city-centre.

Anyone planning a night out during the Festival is reminded to behave appropriately or face missing out on the various attractions and events taking place over the coming weeks.

Superintendent Lesley Clark said: “There is always a great atmosphere in the city-centre during the Festival and with so many of our licensed premises are also serving as Fringe venues, it is essential that we ensure these places are safe for the public to visit and enjoy themselves.

“We’ve already done a lot of work with pubs and clubs and reminded staff to always check identification and to refuse service if anyone is too drunk or under the influence of other substances.

“Officers will continue to monitor these venues to assist staff with any issues arise and offer reassurance to members of the public enjoying a night out during the Festival.

“We will also have officers deployed within the city centre on high-visibility patrol to deter criminal activity and respond to any incidents that take place.

“Our Festival mascots – PC Bobbi and Baddie Bear have also been busy on social media over the past few days promoting responsible drinking messages, with more to come as we approach the weekend. Keep watching our Facebook and Twitter pages for these updates.

“Please remember that the ‘Think Twice’ campaign is still in operation within Edinburgh and should you be arrested and charged for an offence involving alcohol you will be prohibited from entering any licensed premises in the city centre, which will stop you taking in any of the shows and attractions of the Festival.

“If you would like any information on drinking responsibly and keeping safe while out and about then please visit our Unofficial Fringe Venue 999 in East Princes Street Gardens, the Police Information Centre on the High Street or the Police Scotland website.

“Please have a great time, enjoy yourselves, but stay safe.”

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