Police clampdown on joyriders

Police clampdown on joyriders

Police have vowed to clampdown on joyriders after the death of a North Edinburgh teenager.

Brad Williamson, 14, died last month after his bike collided with a Toyota Aygo on Silverknowes Road.

The investigation into the crash is sill ongoing and one line of inquiry is that the bike was stolen.

Chief inspector Jimmy Jones, area commander for the north west area of Edinburgh, said he needed the public’s help to ensure there were no other serious crashes.

He said: “I don’t want any more accidents, I certainly don’t want any more fatalities. We’re keen to generate more community intelligence.

“The issue of joyriding was something officers in the district have contended with for years.

“There’s an acquisitive element to it, where some of the bikes are never recovered.

“But for the most part, the movement of these bikes across the city is largely for recreational riding.

“It’s that element that really piques my concern.”

Although police have a pursuit policy, officers are reluctant to chase people on motorbikes because it is “difficult to intervene in a safe manner”.

They have started using other tactics, such as gathering evidence by filming reckless activity on cameras designed to identify individuals.

Thieves have been known to target hotels and bed and breakfasts around the city, stealing motorcycles from visiting bikers.

Officers have been liaising with guest houses to encourage them to be vigilant about security.

Any concerned residents are encouraged to call Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.

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