On a night out? Maybe you will need the assistance of the Award winning street assist

On a night out? Maybe you will need the assistance of the Award winning street assist

Volunteers who want to ensure everyone is safe on a city centre night out

Last night we joined the award winning street assist at their specially converted bus on King Stables Road

A team of 11 volunteers covered the full shift from 10pm until 4am, when we first arrived we didn’t have a full understanding what the project was all about. On speaking with the volunteers it became apparent they wanted to ensure the welfare of anyone in the city centre.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, from Students to nurses and everything in between, they all offer something to the award winning project.

They are there for you:

  • You’ve had one too many
  • You require first aid
  • You need someone to chat too

Just before 11pm and the first Street Assist user boards the bus, the medical staff check she does not require any medical assistance before welfare staff can deal with her.

Michelle is 24 years old, from West Edinburgh had been at a concert, was under the influence of alcohol and soaking right through. As a welfare volunteer got chatting it became apparent that Michelle had been split up from her friends. After an hour Michelle has had a hot cuppa, delicious home-made cake and is starting to feel a lot better. The team charged her mobile and then called her friends were are on their way home, they passed the bus and collected Michelle

When LEN spoken to Michelle today she said

” I can’t thank the volunteers enough, to think they give up their weekends to help others is amazing”

” If they did not start to talk to me as I went past, I would have been wandering about for hours”

” I hope not to use them again, but it is very reassuring to know they are there and I have added their number to my mobile”

During the 6 hours, numerous people stop to ask for help, from simple directions to a diabetic who has overdone it with alcohol. All visitors to the bus left on their own two feet and nobody needed to go to hospital

It’s impossible to say how effective this project will be, but it’s in a ideal location and it has an amazing support from it’s 30 plus volunteers.

Lead Nurse Donald Said

Thanks again for visiting the bus on Friday night.

As you saw we care for people who are in need of assistance – whatever the cause.

We a provide a first aid and welfare service to Edinburgh’s busy nightlife on Friday and Saturday nights. Based on Kingstables Road, our volunteer nurses, first responders, first aiders and welfare support team look after people who are lost, lonely, sick or injured or vulnerable through drugs/alcohol or assault.

Our primary aim is to reduce the enormous pressure on the Emergency Services on to reduced unnecessary admissions to A&E at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. If you are sick, injured or feel vulnerable or if you see anyone who you think could benefit from our free service, the team can be contacted on 07708351200 between 10pm and 4am every Friday and Saturday.

We are entirely dependent on corporate sponsorship and public donation, so please donate if able using this link http://goget.fund/1UEnhmW

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Donald Lead Nurse

Street Assist Number

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