Lollipop lady surprised with new bike after thieves strike

Lollipop lady surprised with new bike after thieves strike

An Edinburgh lollipop woman whose daughters bike was stolen at a school event was delighted when an Edinburgh man surprised her at work with a new bike.



Andy Noble posted a picture on facebook yesterday of him with the lollipop  and so far his post has been shared over 1,000 times and he has over 1,500 comments.

He posted: “Everyone that travels along Captains Road will know this lovely woman.

“I bumped into her on Saturday and she melted my heart

“She attended the schools Children in Need charity night and took her beautiful wee daughter up on her bike

“While inside some inconsiderate individual stole it

“So I was waiting on her this morning to ask if the school had done anything to retrieve it and she replied no.

“I told her to shut her eyes while I nipped to the back of my van last night after my shift I went away and bought her a bike for her daughter

“Poor woman had tears in her eyes”

Within minutes people started commenting and sharing his post.

Mary Morham commented: “Now this is one of those beautiful storys bet your we girls happy lizzys a beautiful person always smiling well done you”

Graham Downie posted: “Wish there where so many kind folk in the world like yourself the world would be a better place thumbs up to you.”

Hopefully the girl can have years of fun on her new bike.

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