Investigation launched after dogs die following visit to former gas site

Investigation launched after dogs die following visit to former gas site

An investigation has been launched after at least six dogs died after being walked in The Forthquarter public park in North Edinburgh.

A tenants group in Pilton contacted the council after hearing about the deaths which all occurred within the past few weeks.

It’s understood all the dogs suffered internal bleeding before being put to sleep by a vet.

As well as the dogs dying a fox was also discovered dead in the park last week.

John Young, 52, whose beloved Labrador Holly died, said: “I lost my best pal.

“I was in the park with her last Sunday and we did our usual walk and went home.

“As I was getting into the house she slumped on the floor. I thought it was strange but helped her up and she slumped again.

“I kept an eye on her that day and she wasn’t getting better so first thing on the Monday I took her to the vet.

“She was kept in overnight and put to sleep the following morning.

“It was awful, the vet told me she had severe internal bleeding so I told him to put her to sleep.”

June Hoy, 56, also from the area, warned fellow owners to steer clear of the site until the council investigates the  deaths.

Her German Shepherd Zak also suffered severe internal bleeding after a walk there last month and had to be put to sleep.

June said: “Zak was always walked in the park three or four times a day. He started to become unwell shortly after and I was prescribed some antibiotics for him but they didn’t help.

“Two days later on Hogmanay he was back at the vet and scans showed he was bleeding internally.

“I was gutted when I realised he would have to be put to sleep.

“There was nothing the vet could do as the bleeding was so bad.

“I would tell any dog owners to stay away from here with their dogs as there is something not right. Hopefully the council can get to the bottom of it.”

A spokeswoman for local tenants group Friends of West Pilton confirmed they had been told about a spate of mystery deaths.

She said: “We were first alerted to this issue a few weeks ago. We swiftly became aware of other instances where dogs had died after being in the park.

“We then put a post up on our Facebook page and quickly had six dog owners who told the same story.”

She went on: “We have written to the council and the local politicians to make them aware and they have now taken action.

“Something has gone wrong if these dogs who were fit and healthy beforehand all died such horrible deaths.

“If there is anything suspect in the park then action needs to be taken and people need to be aware of the potential danger they are putting their dog in.”

Seven new exhaust-like pipes have been bored into the ground in one grassy area of the waterfront park this week — similar to those used to release gas at landfill sites.

An Edinburgh Council spokeswoman said last night: “Our environmental services team are currently looking into this matter.”

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