Innis and Gunn lager fans put in the spotlight

Innis and Gunn lager fans put in the spotlight

Scottish craft brewer, Innis & Gunn, is putting a spotlight on its fans by sharing drinkers’ hilarious and relatable thoughts on the popular Innis & Gunn Lager in a campaign across Edinburgh.

The brewer reveals that one of the most common mistakes made by drinkers is the spelling of the brand’s name – ‘Innes’ and not Innis – a mistake which has even been made by famous author and Edinburgh native, Irvine Welsh who tweeted ‘Innes & Gunn is the best lager ever’.

This common misspelling has prompted Innis & Gunn to respond with tongue in cheek dedications to the Trainspotting author alongside fan, Bruce Don, who both feature in the new Lager campaign.

Strongly believing that the customer is always right, Innis & Gunn has also created a limited-edition quantity of its highly coveted Lager pint glasses which eagle eyed drinkers will spot have been printed with the misspelled name.

As well as the classic typo, the campaign also calls out other witty responses from Innis & Gunn fans in the billboards across Edinburgh to cover all-important topics – the necessity of half pints (or lack thereof!) and the cheeky pub goers who ‘borrow’ Innis & Gunn pint glasses to sell on eBay.

Dougal Sharp, Innis & Gunn Founder and Master Brewer said “Whether it’s misspelling our name or selling our glasses on eBay, we’re happy as long as drinkers love our Lager as much as we do.”

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