Fifty firefighter’s tackle blaze at Lower Granton Road flat

Fifty firefighter’s tackle blaze at Lower Granton Road flat

Around 50 firefighters rescued residents trapped in a block of flats in Granton following a fire in a flat earlier tonight.

Firefighters fought their way through choking smoke to rescue people trapped by a blaze at the flats on Lower Granton Road just after 7.15pm.

They were confronted with a severe fire in a ground floor flat, which was spreading to floors above.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus brought two people from the building and they were both taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by ambulance.

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While search and rescue teams made their way to those trapped inside properties on the upper levels, other firefighters fought the blaze both from inside the building and from a turntable ladder outside.

A Speciaist Operations Team from the Scottish Ambulance Service was also in attendance.

One ambulance left the scene with a police escort.

Local resident Shona Jackson, 29, was in her flat when fire broke out.

She said “I live in the stair next to the fire.

“I was just at home when I heard shouting and screaming coming from outside.

“I went and had a look and could see people running from the next stair.

“I asked if they were alright and they told me there was a big fire.

“I went downstairs to check for myself and the smoke was really bad and I could see flames.

“Thankfully it didn’t take long for the first fire engine to arrive and start helping people out.

“They had the big turntable ladder up at the window but thankfully everyone got out.

“I am not sure how the people are that got taken away by the ambulance.

“They didn’t look like they were in the best condition.

“Hopefully they make a full recovery.”

Currently four fire engines remain in attendance with firefighters conducting dampening down operations and checking within the structure for any hidden fire spread.

Specialist officers from the Fire Investigation Unit have also attended and will work to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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