Bus gate camera on Manse Road removed following vandalism

Bus gate camera on Manse Road removed following vandalism

The newly installed bus gate camera on Manse Road has had to be cut down after the pole holding it in place was vandalised. 

Council staff were alerted to it today and had to remove the column to ensure the area is safe.

The Transport and Environment Convener has hit out at the vandals and there is no confirmed timescale for when the camera will be re-installed.  

Councillor Scott Arthur said: “There’s no excuse for dangerous criminal behaviour like this. We are lucky a member of the public reported it to us early on Sunday morning so that our crews could quickly attend and make the column safe, and I’d like to thank them for this.

“The trial road safety measures in Corstorphine aim to address the fact the majority of local residents (67%) feel there is an issue with vehicles in the area. 

“Given that context, this type of reckless criminal behaviour is shameful, and I know that local people both for and against the scheme are concerned about what’s happened. 

(Councillor Scott Arthur.)

“The damage to council property and the graffiti is completely unacceptable and all it achieves is disruption, expense and a damaging effect on the reputation of a great local community.

“We’ll be reviewing CCTV footage and speaking to Police this week, and I’d urge anyone who knows who may be responsible for this senseless criminal act to reach out to the Police too. 

“Given the risk the damage posed to the people in the adjacent retirement housing, I hope those responsible are promptly brought to justice.”

The design for Corstorphine Connections was approved by the Transport and Environment Committee in August 2021.

As part of the development of the designs for the project the Council carried out a significant amount of engagement with the local community, many of whom highlighted concerns about the volume and speed of traffic in the area.

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