Armed police attend incident in Lochend

Armed police attend incident in Lochend

A man has been arrested following an incident in Lochend earlier today after armed police raced to the scene. 

The alarm was raised just after 3.30pm after three males were spotted armed with weapons. 

One local told us how officers were stationed at various points across Lochend Park and Sleigh Drive.

The man said “There was police officers standing at various places on the street and there was police in cars at all the roundabouts. 

“An ambulance turned up and also parked near the police cars. 

“I watched as the armed police walked up the street. 

“It’s quite frightening as there were kids coming out of school as this was all going on.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in Edinburgh received a report of three males in the Lochend Road and Sleigh Drive area in possession of weapons.

“Officers responded to the scene and one man was arrested.

“Inquiries into this incident are continuing.”

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